What will be the first Manifold question to be #1 on Hacker News?
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The submitter of the first Manifold question (or group) to get the #1 slot on Hacker News will earn the bounty (excluding submissions made before the creation of this market) .

The question doesn't have to have been made by the submitter. The submitter must post a link to their submission in the comments below. You may not claim the submissions of others. You may not submit this market to HN.

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I've been #1 on HN probably a dozen times, outside of Manifold context. My Sudoku market almost was. I think it's unlikely a question or group would get there. Much more likely is an article about something technical(imagine writing about the AMM, or how multi-binary was implemented, or how you handled the database outage, or some advice on implementing GPT-3.5 into your website, or [...]). Something interesting to read and practical to use that isn't a direct pitch to use Manifold.

Then at the bottom or on the sidebar there's a link to the site or an about page and people can read more.