From Twitter: "The Enhanced Games is organizing an alternative to the corrupt Olympic Games. The first sports event without drug testing."

Will there be an Enhanced Games sporting event hosted in 2024? There must be an actual competition between actual atheletes plus a real audience of some sort for this to count (livestream audiences count).

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It would presumably be easy to put on some version of an "Enhanced Games", even if it is a very small event (just gotta find SOME random track + swimming pool + weightlifting studio, somewhere in the world, that is willing to host you). Even an event much smaller than, say, the X-Games, would still be worth doing (in the eyes of its organizers) in order to spark a controversy/conversation about transhumanism and try to pry open a crack in the societal consensus (at places like the FDA, etc) that human enhancement should almost always be taboo.

(Obviously these Games will mostly be fueled by steroids, but the ensuing conversation might help advance the cultural acceptance of more exotic ideas like nootropics, anti-aging therapies, genetic engineering, prosthetic/cybernetic enhancements, etc.)

The affiliation of Dr Aron D’Souza, to me, implies that Peter Thiel is probably involved in this, so money won't be a problem. This also implies to me that they are prepared to try and stand up to some of the harsh criticism and attacks that these Games will inevitably attract.

And you've gotta do it in 2024 because the whole benefit would be to host the Enhanced Games right alongside the normal Olympics (or perhaps right before or right afterwards), in order to generate maximum news coverage and debate. Delaying to 2025 is thus not really an option.

@JacksonWagner oops, looks like delaying to 2025 is indeed an option after all!

D’Souza said that the games’ “showcase event — aiming to break the 100-mete world record” — is planned for December 2024, and that he is in venue discussions for a Division 1 university campuses in Florida, Texas and California. “The full-stack games will take place in 2025.” 

I am guessing that just a single 100M race is not enough to count as an entire "Enhanced Games", especially if they deliberately emphasize that there is a larger, full event coming the next year. But I would appreciate clarification on resolution from @SG

can we get a clarification here? Does this resolve YES or NO if there's a single event run by the enhanced games in 2024? @SG

wait what? from his linkedin https://uk.linkedin.com/in/arondsouza

Dr Aron D’Souza is the President of the Enhanced Games (www.enhanced.org)

**Previously, he lead Peter Thiel’s litigation against Gawker Media involving the wrestler Hulk Hogan,** which resulted in one of the largest invasion of privacy judgement in history, and is the subject of the book "Conspiracy" by best-selling author Ryan Holiday.

He is the founder of Sargon, a technology infrastructure company for the pensions and superannuation industry across the Asia-Pacific region. Sargon operates across Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong and has over A$52 billion under management and supervision, 200 employees and nine offices. He sold his stake in the company in 2018. Today, Sargon is owned by a consortium led by Vista Equity Partners.

confirmed https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanmac/this-is-the-man-who-helped-peter-thiel-demolish-gawker-mr-a

Organising a big event takes time.

predicts YES

@CromlynGames Maybe not so 'big' for the first games? Then, a year might be reasonable. Of course they need to put together the funding first to get it going, but I think there is enough former, disgraced athletes who have enough money to pool something modest together. Edit: What about asking Lance Armstrong?

I'll leave this short story below that has influenced me to bet YES. Not because I am solely influenced by sci-fi, but because leaving doping in the dark doesn't make sense to me any more after reading a couple books about the philosophy and ethics of human enhancement, and such futures don't seem that dystopian any more.