Will a Manifold username sell for $50 or more before the end of 2024?

I spend more time than I probably should stalking username trading websites and surprisingly, I am yet to see a listing for a Manifold username. As such I am making this question. Do you believe a Manifold username could sell for $50 or more?

In this case, a username is the @ assigned to you that is used in tagging (e.g. @Rucker).

The sale must have a public record of it occuring in the forum of a vouch or equivalent.

To make things mildly more interesting, I am putting in place the rule for this market that the username cannot be sold by Manifold staff. It must be sold by a third party.

Additional obligatory rule that the account must be legally obtained (NO HACKING)

Resolves yes if by Jan 1st, 2025, there is a public record of a Manifold username selling for a sum of $50 (USD or equivalent) by a third party not afflicted with Manifold staff.

Resolves no is self explanatory

Note: While I do plan to vote in this market, I will not engage in any offsite shenanigans involving Manifold. I will leave that to the people with more free time and money than me.

Get αΉ€600 play money
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@Joshua has confirmed that this would indeed be allowed. On that fine note who got 1Ls 😏

I'd take $100 for my username. Let's make a deal. @Predictor

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@Predictor if you are serious I'll make a listing. Would be hilarious imo

People would mortgage their houses to buy "@Mira". It's possibly worth more than Manifold itself.

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@Mira I offer $5 and a snickers bar lmk

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