What browsers will have JXL image support in their stable builds at the end of 2024?
Firefox (Any OS)
Edge (Any OS)
Chrome (Any OS)
Opera (Any OS)


An answer resolves YES if the latest stable build of a browser at the time of market closing contains support for JXL images. Requiring the enabling of a flag still counts (see https://manifold.markets/Rucker/what-browsers-will-have-jxl-image-s#ipiiow9xysl for more details)

Resolves NO otherwise.

Unless specified, OS will not be taken into account. If JXL is supported on one or more OS builds, the browser answer resolves YES. OS specific answers can be made however should be made clear.


Firefox (Any OS)

Firefox (Android)

Browsers not listed on Can I Use can be added however expect slow resolves since I'm sure as hell not bothering.

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If it's supported but behind a preference or flag, which way does it resolve?

@retr0id If the flag works on stable then sure. If it is like Firefox's case currently (flag exists in stable but it does nothing), than no. Thank you for requesting clarification.

bought Ṁ10 Firefox (Any OS) YES

Took down the Firefox market and made this instead. Completely off topic but did you know that apparently Manifold supports HEIC images?

bought Ṁ20 Firefox (Any OS) NO

@Rucker According to that article, there is no fee for content providers (something they only tried once with H.264/AVC and which apparently didn't work out), only for hardware and software codec implementations. So why shouldn't Manifold use whatever minimizes their CDN fees?

@lxgr Ah I'm blind :P. Thank you for clarification

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