Will Bing integrate ChatGPT from OpenAI before the end of 2023'Q1?


Will resolve YES if and only if answers from a ChatBot (e.g. ChatGPT) from OpenAI become available from the Bing homepage.

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I'm not sure what level of access is required for this to resolve positive, but they said there's a preview available today from the front page of Bing, which has a waitlist (both the 'chat' button and the 'New Bing' box take you to the page with the GPT-based bot they announced today):

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@meefburger If I get confirmation that it's available externally, I'll resolve. That is, some high trust-worthiness reports from people who are not working for MSFT or OpenAI, or if it becomes available for anyone to try. A waitlist isn't enough to qualify.

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@RealityQuotient Bing GPT recommended that I send you a screenshot of the chat.

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That's from the MS event

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@meefburger Another one

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Microsoft has confirmed plans for an event tomorrow (invitations were sent out last week) at its Redmond headquarters at 1PM Eastern. The company will only say that chief Satya Nadella will share details on some "exciting projects," but it's expected to show its integration of ChatGPT into Bing and other uses of the conversational AI technology.

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Do you guys think the Feb 3rd Owen Ying leak for Bing + ChatGPT is real?
I just created a market for it: https://manifold.markets/HenriThunberg/will-the-bing-chatgpt-leak-from-owe

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Microsoft’s second-place search engine Bing is poised to incorporate a faster and richer version of ChatGPT, known as GPT-4, into its product in the coming weeks, marking rapid progress in the booming field of generative AI and a long-awaited challenge to Google’s dominance of search.

OpenAI’s latest software responds much faster than the current version, and the replies sound more human and are more detailed, according to people familiar with the product and rollout plans.

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Not clear to me they’ll integrate it into Bing in time as required for this market, but it does look like the plan to use the technology for many things in the near-ish future: https://www.wsj.com/articles/microsoft-plans-to-build-openai-capabilities-into-all-products-11673947774

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Can see OAI tech but not ChatGPT as it exists under that name

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@VivaLaPanda The name will not factor in to the resolution. If OAI tech is the basis, I'll resolve YES.