Will Farha be seen or heard in Destiny's apartment in April 2024?
resolved May 1

Doesn't have to be a Farha Friday or any segment. Just her being seen or heard in person on Destiny's stream will be enough to resolve this market as a YES.

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Right now, the debate is whether or not this female voice is Farha or not


@PunishedFurry Extending the closing date for a few more days until we get confirmation. I'll try to ask Destiny after his breaking points debate.

@PunishedFurry To me it sounds like there were two women talking and one of them was Farha.

@PunishedFurry Just got confirmation in dm's that this was not, in fact, Farha.
Resolving NO.

sold Ṁ41 NO

@PrettyTony @Strifehart What have you guys seen?

@Panfilo Farha was heard on today's stream, during like the first 10 minutes.

@Strifehart allegedly. It could've been another girl.

@PunishedFurry So was this literally just a female voice or is there serious debate?

@Panfilo I honestly have no clue. It'd be nice to get confirmation from Destiny. Maybe someone can ask him during stream today.

@Panfilo I thought I heard her at the start of yesterday's stream.

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