Will the Apple Vision Pro 2 be cheaper than Vision Pro 1?

Resolves yes if the most affordable option of Vision Pro 2 is originally priced at less than $3499. If Apple releases a smaller, "budget" or otherwise less advanced headset (eg. Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro), it will not count as yes. The storage also needs to be at least 256 GB.

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Could Apple Watch be a precedent in the gen 2 being cheaper than the first?

Let’s look at the history of the Apple Watch’s pricing through the aluminum models, which are the basic, and most popular models. The first model – called Apple Watch (1st generation), but generally called “Series 0,” debuted at $349 and $399. (I’ll give pairs of prices, for the two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, and, for this year’s model, 40mm and 44mm.) The following model, Series 1, had a base price of $269 and $299. Apple had realized that the device was popular, and could lower the price.

The Series 2 added GPS, and the price increased a lot: this model cost $369 and $399. And the Series 3, with GPS only, dropped that price to $329 and $359. If you wanted cellular access on your watch, that cost $399 and $429, or $70 extra.

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If Apple wants this to become something that typical Apple users buy, they're gonna have to lower the price. $3500 is too high for the average person, even someone with an iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac.

Apple… make less money? That doesn’t seem right.

@mattyb Isn't this still a novel technology and niche product? pricing change is quite possible

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@PlainBG I guess, but I’d imagine Apple thinks they’re currently in a market of one. They’re likely to lower the price in response to a cheaper competitor.

If there’s not a serious one in the next year, I don’t see Apple budgeting off their established price point. But I guess we’ll see.

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