Will Apple end "green bubble" texts in 2024?

"Messaging has been a key part of Apple’s strategy to sell more iPhones. For years, it has made exchanges between iPhones and Android devices as basic as the texts between decades-old flip phones. Texts between iPhone users appear in blue and can be tapped to give a thumbs up, but texts with Android users appear in green and have no simple perks." (link)

Apple has promised to adopt the RCS standard (rich multimedia texts) to streamline texting between IOS and Android phones, but said nothing about getting rid of the infamous green bubbles. Recently, Apple blocked an app that allowed users to sidestep this feature, triggering an inquiry from US senators.

Will the green bubbles go away in 2024? At end of the year, I will resolve based on whether American customers on the latest IOS and the latest iPhone hardware will be able to communicate with Android contacts without the green bubble.

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Apple has confirmed to me that blue bubbles will still be used to represent iMessages, while green bubbles will represent RCS messages.

November 16, 2023


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without the green bubble

To confirm, is this entire market color-based? If the bubbles turn pink and are just as identifiable as being from Android, how does this resolve?

@mattyb If they make a cosmetic change but an Android text is still easily identifiable via visual means I will treat it as No.

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