Will Norman Finkelstein debate Destiny by July 1st, 2024? [Ṁ1000 Pool]
resolved Apr 15

If a debate occurs in any format before July 1st 2024 between Norman Finkelstein and Destiny, this market resolves Yes. It can be a multi-party debate, or an argumentative "round table discussion", or something similar. It cannot merely be "they tweeted at each other" or "one ambushed the other and then they yelled and left".

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@Panfilo resolves yes?

Pls resolve

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@Catnee want more?

(1500 limit order on 45%)

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@Shump I put 5k at 50% if you're interested :)

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@UFTG oops wrong cat. Thank you.

God Finkelstein is so annoying. "Something called a Destiny," so pretentious. So false. All this pretending to be muddling about, as if he's oblivious to how the internet works, as if he doesn't bother with such things and yet can somehow at the same time dismiss them out of hand. I've yet to see him answer a question in good faith––much less a question from someone actually knowledgeable, asking about specifics. He just runs the same twenty minute spiel over and over again, the same narrow range of highly selective facts.

So he challenges Shapiro and Murray and half a dozen others (no more experts on the topic than Destiny) but refuses Destiny because "cogitation is meant to be a private thing" and he's not going to do it for clicks??? Please. He's been on a merry-go-round of useless one-sided talk shows for months now, answering a same chain of extremely partisan softball questions from complete talking-head ignorants.

To me it's pretty clear he's afraid. Destiny has nothing at all to lose. One of the advantages of being intellectually honest and humble with your claims. Finkelstein on the other hand is rife with poor scholarship, totalizing ideology, and selective facts. He has everything to lose. What most young protestors don't seem to realize is he's not controversial in the academic community because of unorthodox views. Nuanced views, even "anti-Israel" views, are acceptable enough to many of the people who actually do good rigorous scholarly work on this stuff. It's just like anything controversial: look at a conversation between actual climate researchers, actual academic theologians, actual Aramaic translators, actual counterintelligence operatives . . . . it'll be a far far less partisan conversation. It'll revolve much more around the actual "facts on the ground" and how to interpret them.

That's what Finkelstein pretends to do, only it's the same basic set of seven facts trumpeted in isolation, at the expense of all context and reciprocal facts. And then he refuses to talk to someone as straightforwardly fact-oriented as Destiny? Please. Destiny doesn't need to do it for clicks. He has a million things he can stream. If you really believe what you say, what's going to do more good for the world? Going on Katie Halper seventy times to just bob your head and echo the same buzzwords to her leading questions? Mikhaila Peterson? RUSSEL BRAND? Or going on Destiny and actually engaging with some facts?

Anyway I'm rambling. The point was he's not dismissed because of some unorthodox view. Not in the academic community. He's dismissed because he's demonstrated decades of poor scholarship, hypocrisy, and a love for logical fallacy which borders on the adolescent.

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Do you guys seriously think Norman Finkelstein is scared to debate Destiny?

Finkelstein has dedicated his life to advocate for the Palestinian cause and this is a golden opportunity to do just that to a huge audience that has been swayed to the pro Israel side by a guy who spent a few weeks researching on Wikipedia.

It makes absolutely no sense that Fink wouldn't happily do this debate.

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@UFTG I wrote a serious reply but then I saw the limit orders 💀

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@UFTG Agreed agreed. Wait so overall do you think he ISN'T scared? Why do you think he's been so flaky so far? Seems like scared behavior to me, but I could be wrong.

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@JesseTate I was just memeing. I do think he's scared to debate Destiny.

All his actions so far seem to indicate that he really doesn't want to do it and I value that way more than what he and Lex said in a few tweets.

Only worry I have is if there's potentially too much clout for him to say no. Still my prediction is he'll sabotage this someway so he can save face and then go with some dumb excuse about how beneath him it is. Or maybe he'll try to squeeze Destiny out.

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Word on the street is that Lex deleted the tweet saying Finkelstein and Destiny will both be involved

Some day I'll learn not to sell all my NO shares when it seems like something might happen

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@Tumbles Lex deletes like 80% of his tweets after posting lol

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i'd be happy to let you out (at 10%)

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Can someone explain why this is so low?

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@jim Finkelstein is between a rock and a hard place, because I don't think they're going to look very good in this debate. There is a decent chance they make some excuse to get out of it

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🙅‍♂ i disagree, his ego is too big to back down from this

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@jim ok, you might be right. Looks like he won't do it unless it's somewhat on his own terms: https://x.com/normfinkelstein/status/1751433214399565919

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never sell!

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@dgga My thoughts exactly

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Get me out of this market 😭

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