Will any Jordanian citizens die by Israeli or Iranian strikes before June 1st?
resolved Jun 1

As reported by CNN or a comparable international news outlet. We're not looking for proof of citizenship, just "Jordanians" or "Jordanian nationals" will do. Intent also does not matter. Direct secondary effects such as being burried under rubble and dying of those wounds will resolve Yes.

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@strutheo resolves "we don't know"; there are still Palestinians who hold Jordanian citizenship from before 1967, and some of them might have died in Gaza.

The criteria say that citizenship is not necessary to resolve YES, but it clearly is sufficient - if a Palestinian with Jordanian citizenship dies, that's a YES.

We don't know if that's happened or not.

@BrunoParga The spirit of the market was concerning people who currently self-identify as Jordanian, which is why citizenship was not necessary in the description. The context of the market was the Israeli and/or Iranian strikes flying over the country of Jordan between the two beliggerants with Jordanian interception siding with Israel. Given that you don't have a position in the market, I'll now resolve No but take your criticism into account for any future similar markets. It's a solid point.

@BrunoParga None of these confirmed ones are from the timeframe of this market, but I agree that the IDF has killed some Jordanian citizens in this conflict.

@Panfilo sorry, I didn't check the dates. Thanks for the clarification!

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