If you had the opportunity to go to Mars with guaranteed safety and low enough monetary cost, would you take it?
Yes, whether I get to return to Earth or not
Yes, if I get to return to Earth
No, primarily because it would take too much time out of my life (see Wikipedia article link below)
No, primarily because of claustrophobia, lack of freedom, or some physical or psychological concern
No, primarily because of lack of privacy, homesickness, loneliness, or other emotional concern
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If i’m one of the first, yes. If I am one of hundreds or thousands, only if I can return.

I feel like there should at least be a "no - other reasons" options

@Mich I can add it (if someone can show me how)…just out of curiosity, what would another vein of reasons for NO be?

@PGeyer I think there should be "other reasons" because manually listing all reasons that may make someone not want to go to Mars is hard, if not impossible. Like there will always be something that has been forgotten, as for lots of situations when trying to make lists.
I can think about - for example - considering it's irresponsible towards climate change, considering sending people to Mars is a waste of resources, not being curious enough to want to see Mars. (I'm comfortable sharing that there's at least one reason in the previous list that applies to me and at least one reason that doesn't apply to me).

@Mich Thank you. I need your help: How do I add that useful catchall choice to the current poll?

@PGeyer I'm sorry but I've never changed the set of existing options after posting a poll and I'm not really sure it's possible to do so

Going to and especially staying on Mars is apparently quite uncomfortable -- this episode with Zach Weinersmith who just co-wrote a book about it is very funny, insightful and damming: https://80000hours.org/podcast/episodes/zach-weinersmith-space-settlement/

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