Will I climb a V5 in 2024?

I started a PhD last semester, and became far more busy than I was expecting. As a result, I only went bouldering once. I want to get back into it this year. Previously I could climb V4s, but never a V5.

Will I resume bouldering and climb a V5 in 2024? Resolves yes if so, resolves no otherwise.

I will post updates as relevant.

2024-01-14: Went to a rock climbing gym for the first time in a few months with a club. Only managed to climb a V2 this time.

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this one i can easily rig by forcing you to go to the climbing gym on the reg. so I’m betting yes

A rock gym V5 or an outdoor V5?

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@snazzlePop Rock gym V5, but I will consider making an outdoor market too!