Will I climb a V5 by the end of September?
closes Oct 1
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jojo avatar
jojobought Ṁ50 of NO

aside from the next few weeks, i anticipate your sept being filled with moving, orientations, making new friends, socializing, and otherwise getting accustomed to grad school life. hence my bet. end of oct i would bet yes fwiw

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jojopredicts NO

@jojo well actually not sure abt my last sentence. given the difficulty of getting that V4 it might not be so trivial to achieve the next level. that said i am unsure about the standardization of grading between gyms and think it is possible that you can achieve a V5 at a gym with less stringent route assessment

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Calibrated Chameleonpredicts YES

@jojo That makes sense. I think it's a pretty ambitious target. But I hope that part of socializing and making new friends is going to be going bouldering with a bunch of people!