Will 300% lifespan extension in rotifers replicate?
closes Oct 9

A 2010 paper published in PLoS One found the lifespan of rotifers could be extended >300% by exposing them to a synthetic antioxidant (indole-3-propionamide -- IPAM). Mean lifespan of the control group was 24.6 days, versus 90.5 days for the group living in media with 30 mM IPAM.

As far as I can tell, this result has not been replicated, despite it's alleged extraordinary success as a longevity intervention. I am considering synthesizing IPAM and attempting to replicate significant lifespan extension in rotifers.

Conditional on me carrying out a replication attempt, will I find the experimental group (treated with 30 mM IPAM) has at least 200% the lifespan of the control group?

The closing date will be extended until I decide if I will attempt this replication. I will answer questions in the comments & update the description with notable clarifications.


8/7/23 - If the market reaches 25 traders I'll take that as a sign that there's sufficient interest in this & draft a procedure for the synthesis of IPAM

8/10/23 - Looked into the synthesis options, and selected a draft procedure: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GGtUAtbGdnb7YM6B-XD3lfA82ra-d1KoGykt0u36MO4/edit?usp=sharing. Unfortunately, I will not be able to perform the synthesis for at least 1, and likely at least 3 months. Nonetheless I will try to add some more details in preparation if I have time. If there is continued interest in this I will also try to figure out how difficult actually getting/keeping/monitoring rotifers will be. If anyone is involved in longevity research or has connections who are, I would certainly be interested in opinions on why this research appears not to have been replicated/pursued further to date.

8/24/23 - Got a lead for a local professor who works with rotifers who I can reach out to for help.

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Added tentative procedure

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Reached 25 traders, will draft a procedure and link it in the description soon

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Could you please stop updating the close date so often? If extending regularly, do a few days at a time at least.

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@jskf Ah, sure thing, I'll extend it out a month

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