Will Tesla autopilot be able to correctly follow European speed limit signs by the end of 2024?

At the moment Tesla autopilot often misses many speed limit signs that I encounter in Switzerland, including all LED ones. Will this be fixed by the end of 2024?

I will resolve it on 2025-01-01 by taking a ride in a Tesla Model Y and counting the number of signs that it interpreted correctly. The question will be resolved to YES if the car correctly reads the speed limit ≥ 90% of the time.

End speed limit signs also count.

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Currently it feels like it is right maybe 80% of the time. Two most common errors:

  • it invents a speed limit where there hasn't been any signs (possibly from the map data),

  • it assumes incorrect speed limit after the sign of the end of speed limit zone (e.g. 60 km/h outside of the city instead of 80 km/h)

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