Who of Pogačar or Vingegaard will have more Tour de France GC wins by the end of the 2025 edition?
Same number of wins

GC win = finishing first place in the general classification (aka wearing the yellow jersey at the finish on Champs Élysées).

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Since JV winning this year seems very unlikely, let’s assume he won’t. In that case, if Pogi wins this year, then JV can’t have more wins by the time this resolves. If Pogi doesn’t win, then all the bets are off.

My half baked thoughts: in ten years everybody will remember Pogačar as one of the greatest of all time, with probably a couple more Tours under his belt. Vingegaard will be remembered as a freak accident. I can’t shake the feeling that something’s amiss and I’m sorry to everyone who feels this is disrespectful. Vingegaard will probably win another Tour next year and then god knows what happens. You all might change my mind about him. Maybe he’s a once in a generation super talent. Or maybe this sport is just gross and whoever is most able to evade testing does best. I don’t know. Until yesterday this was a great tour. I now find it extremely uninteresting.