Will anyone go on a date b/c of a Manifold date doc by March 1st?
resolved Feb 15

Resolves YES if someone goes on a date due to a Manifold date doc by Mar 1st.

Please send me proof if this happened.

(I am referring to: https://manifold.markets/date-docs)

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@SeraphinaNix and I went on a date because of my dating doc

what does proof entail, and where should I send it?

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@NiclasKupper Can confirm that we went on a date because of Sinclair's doc.

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@SeraphinaNix Okay, will resolve as yes now

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@NiclasKupper I'm happy to lose my money :)

Hm...would vidcalls count? I normally don't think of this as "going on a date" but people have their video scheduling things in their docs.

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How will you handle @Yev-style manipulation?

Just asking someone on a date doesn't count, they have to go on an actual date. Do you really think I would go on a date for checks pool 1 USD?

@Yev It could get bigger!

And what counts as a date? This is 2022 after all; I'm sure people date via Zoom call nowadays.

@IsaacKing I'd rather do it the old-fashioned way, in person.

*checks the list of manifolders living nearby*

Hey @cos... Are you down for some market manipulation? 😏

@Yev Hehehe, maybe! 😉

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It's possible this already happened?

@Austin/@RachelWeinberg, care to confirm whether Austin's dating doc contributed? (I think I remember Austin having one, not sure though.)

@IsaacKing I in fact had not sat up a dating doc yet. (funnily enough, Rachel has one! Though not listed on Manifold and thus ineligible)

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