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Nicole Molly, 27

Hey, I'm Nicole Molly (it/its or she/her or slut or dog or whore or faggot or..), Cosmopo-Austro-American. Incredibly high risk tolerance, incredibly low reliance on money. I'll always choose something that teaches me something over somethng comfortable and I'm not above offending people by saying the things that deep down they know they want to agree with.

Twinkfaced and built like a tank, my hormone regimen includes high doses of estradiol as well as experimental androgens giving me a fairly unique physique and positioning me as an avantgarde bodybuilder.

I travel often and happily so your location is of little importance (I for one am currently based in Vienna, Austria). What is of importance however is that you're:

  • exciting

  • open-minded

  • not the ugliest face under the sun

  • looking for an absolute degenerate

Applications here:


Sparr Risher, 41

I spend most of my time these days working on my project to turn a historic estate outside Boston MA into a creative collaborative coliving community. I'm trying to fill the space with people who want to share their creative passions, including art and music, performance, events, fabrication, movement, design, and more as we find more people.

One facet of that goal is to find a partner interested in being part of it. Someone who shares at least some of my drive to make such a thing happen, and who can make use of such a space to pursue their own creative passions.

I'm also interested in other sorts of connection. Local or distant romantic and play partners. Video and board game buddies. Travel, bushwhacking, urbex, with the express purpose of kinky photography. You know, the usual ;)

I would be remiss to not mention that I am married. We are poly, mostly/usually long distance, and quite flexible, so there is plenty of room in my life for a local primary partner.

You can find a different sort of pitch in my dating profile doc, or far too much information about my mind and life in my personal user manual, and links from those to various online profiles with broader and more specific insight, if you want to know more.

I can be reached at or through the various profiles mentioned above.

Emanuel Rylke, 31

Describing myself is hard so here is a list of things I did that describe me by implication.


  • went one a three day cycling trip not knowing where exactly I would pitch me tent for the night.

  • have sewn a pair of pants by hand.

  • read my nephew a goodnight story.

  • finished last in a 10.000 pushups in 100 days challenge.

  • have grown a beard for which I got a compliment from a random women on the street.

  • built a sofa.

  • played Factorio for a thousand hours.

  • went swimming in a lake while snow was falling.

  • read David Chapman and enjoyed it immensely.

  • wrote Clojure code in exchange for money.

  • extended a trip over the Atlantic for a few days so that I could attend a contra dance evening.

  • listened to French audio-books, podcasts, and yotutube videos for 300 hours.

  • meditated for 366 hours.

  • set up a Beeminder to make sure these numbers keep increasing.

I'm looking for a woman who is

  • happy to be a woman without a fixed idea what that means exactly.

  • someone with whom a ten minute walk to the bakery can turn into 4 hours of flaneuring along the stream, over the riveted steel bridge, onto a hill we've never been to before, talking about wool fiber, Astrid Lindgren, and the industrial revolution.

  • someone to found a family with who shares my stance that the role of parents is both to be an authority giving guidance and a springboard letting children jump to their calling.

I'm currently based in Berlin but in the medium to long-term I'm happy to live anywhere where there are stretches of nature to explore.

If a relationships with me sounds good in theory and you want to explore whether it also is good in practice you can reach me at

Aella ​, 31

Welcome to this episode of MATEHUNTERS
the one hole aella couldnt fill was her heart

Hi I’m looking for a boy i’d like to touch. Hopefully if you know a boy i would like to touch with this will help you identify him.

Things I want that most boys don’t have, roughly in order of how many boys they filter out and by how important/dealbreakery they are

*open to kids maybe??? and probably doesn’t already have kids/strong life commitments
*financially stable, bonus points for extremely financially stable
*independent, not looking to spend all their time joined at hip
*social power roughly in a similar tier to mine, tho doesn’t need to be same sphere
*is open to risk, brave, caution is calculated, doesn’t let fear of bad outcomes affect taking life by the balls
*very sexually aggro/sinister, tho nearby things might also work?
*real good at [jazzhands] emotional maturity: stuff like detecting and naming emotions, having boundaries and a body, communication, “talking from the stomach”, circling skills, mind meldy moves, speaking-from-poetry-instead-of-accuracy
*l i b e r t a r i a n i s h
*similar IQ range
*accepting of self and others, at peace
*good at (or at least compatible with/tolerant of) rationality n stuff, cold culture, happy to exchange money for social things

how i’m poly

(full-ass post here)

Polyamory is very much mandatory for me, unless you’re a billionaire, because i am down to accept money in exchange for social things. For me, “poly” just means “I don’t place rules on the intimacy my partner has with others.” In practice, I tend to behave mostly monogamously, though recently have been tryin to get more stuffed. I also am down to help you get more slutty!

Im happy to commit time/effort to joint stuff like potential kids or house or ‘relationship development time’, even if it interrupts potential future relationships with other partners.

About Me?

The list of aella-facts is maybe less necessary cause i exhibitionist my personality loudly online into every crevice, but if you want an external list of nice things, my ex Nate Soares has a document originally entitled “My ex is a shit eating whore” which is literally true but google thought he was trying to be mean so it’s now reuploaded here

And for things about me that are maybe more nonobvious potential dealbreakers for people with specific preferences

*80% cold culture
*not good at entering full rationalist mode when emotionally activated
*messy, horribly messy, but fortunately i am happy to exchange money for social things
*more avoidant-attachment style
*constantly dealing with stalkers
*i do not like directly initiating sex almost ever (tho doesnt mean you cant have as much sex as you want)
*i have hyperhidrosis and if im not actively treating it (which is annoying) i sweat profusely from hands and feet. I also have IBS and poop erratically.
*not even the most basic cooking skills
*i like being on the computer a whole lot and dont like doing much outside stuff
*not routine oriented (tho i would like to be)
*do not like threesomes

Gavriel, 27

My relevant traits: Earnest, talkative, compassionate, social, analytical, direct, emotional, introspective, easily delighted, “a pleasure to have in class."

I am attracted to people, primarily men, who:

  • are kind/compassionate/attentive.

  • think deeply about things, and want to share that intellectual engagement. 

  • have a steady, even-keeled presence and positive outlook.

  • are values-driven, forthright, and have the courage of their convictions.

  • are curious and creative in some regard (broadly defined!).

Overview of me: I work at a vaccine development policy nonprofit and am therefore liable to accidentally say things like, “I’m really excited about tuberculosis!” At various non-work times, I hike, dance, climb, read, write, and volunteer in a community garden. I love materials science and also poetry about materials science. I’m a big fan of physics metaphors for the human condition. I think about the French Revolution slightly more than would be completely normal. I have Very Detailed opinions about stories. I actually enjoy voting. Small children sometimes mysteriously decide that I am their friend.

Stuff relevant for serious relationships:

  • I want kids someday! 

  • I like the idea of relationships-as-projects, where striving for a goal with another person both tests compatibility and strengthens a bond. I would love to do something project-y and goal-oriented together, like traveling or building a bookshelf or learning something or…      

  • I live in Colorado but am fairly mobile at the moment and can travel within the US for the right person. I'm planning to move within the next few months, and a serious relationship would definitely be a factor.

You should email me (!

ThatGuy, 32


I'm just playing around. Always happy to connect. Will probably take this down as the market grows.

Man seeking Network, Woman

Everything is a Meme

None of these photos are real

I am determined to play a fool

I'm comfortable but I'm always looking for a challenge. My knees hurt everyday, but I figure I got 20 more years before I can't take the pain. I work a low stress hospital job in third world america.

I believe in promoting epistemic agency and free information. Perfect logic is overratted- fight me.

Talk to me about media aesthetics and societal zeitgeist. I have a soft spot for the, "left behind" mood/vibe. I like to think the best of people.

I'm big on understanding and communication. Come as you are but NYC pizza is the best and you should feel bad if you don't agree.

Jenny, 27

Global leaderboWorldard (all time): 8th trader, 17th creator

World: 4th trader, 6th creator

Wars: 5th trader, 4th creator

Russia: 5th trader, 3rd creator

Ukraine: 33rd trader, 11th creator

Space: 1st trader, 1st creator

Fun: 2nd trader, 4th creator

Bot competition: 3rd and 5th (M$20 000)

Bug bounties: M$2000 for helping Pepe's alt make millions of mana. M$5000 for stealing liquidity from markets. M$500 for finding a bug in @Botlab.

Quinn Dougherty, 31

Full doc here

Berkeley CA, 30. Get yourself wife'd up and start rolling in the passive impact stream from all our kids' projects.

An ex of mine has reported that I'm really gung ho about the mortifying ordeal of being known.

  • Irony is poison. I admire anyone who's above average in sincerity.

  • Really into epistemic cooperation, I think there are very few situations in which allowing someone to labor under delusions is ok.

  • Zest for life / high hedonic setpoint. Side effect of this: my voice sits loud sometimes, but I love people who say "talk quieter" instead of passively take damage from it.

quinnd at riseup dot net.

Sinclair Chen, 25

Reasons to date Sinclair

  1. I’m hot

  2. I’m horny

  3. I’m honest

  4. I’m high status


intentional and explicit

literally the worst massage of my life, it was anti-erotic

[in tears] you’ll make a girl really happy one day~

pls don't make a dating doc, I'm scared of losing u to another hotter girl

she’s a little much, but she might be your little much

I’m looking for

  • strong independent women who don't need me

  • cute women that are always nice to me

  • stormy women who are mean to me in hot ways

  • women who can beat me at board games

  • women who can beat me up but who do not actually do that because I'm a hedonic utilitarian

if that does not describe you, give it a shot anyways

James, 31

Hello there,

Thank you for stopping by!

This doc, plus the whole Date doc feature, was created by me as a hackathon project!

About me

I'm an optimist trying to improve the world!

Some labels for me:

Libertarian, Utilitarian, YIMBY, truth-seeking, and a believer in progress.


  • Ambitious and risk-taking

  • Good at systems thinking

  • Frequently the quietest person in the room

  • Reliable

I also made a compatibility quiz a little while ago here:

Career so far

Cofounder & CEO of Manifold Markets

Cofounder & CEO of Throne

Former Google software engineer

Built the programming game

Studied CS at Carnegie Mellon

Looking for

A girl — preferred age would be mid-to-late 20's.

She should be smart and kind; educated, but skeptical of authority; clear-thinking and grounded.

Schedule a video chat with me!

Simply use this widget below (you might have to scroll):

You can also email me at: