Will Manifold Markets display probabilities as odds in any way on 2023-06-01?
resolved Jun 1

538 converts percentages to rough odds, e.g. 43% might be displayed as "3 in 7". It's less precise but somewhat more intuitive to newcomers, and also emphasises that both outcomes are possible.

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Mirabought Ṁ10 of YES

If it was added as a display option, I'd give it a try. Even better if it was exact odds(i.e. "3.5:1" = 22%)

I was always for percentages or log-percentages myself, but I've been liking odds more ever since using Manifold.

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Pat Myronsold Ṁ88 of NO

I'd actually find that much less intuitive, I like that manifold uses percents and I feel like I'm frequently converting other odds formats into percents to actually understand them:


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