Will Manifest 2024 happen in the SF Bay Area from June 7-9?
Jun 7

The date has been pencilled in, so how likely is it to actually go ahead then? The earlier I book plane tickets the better, so I'd like to know ASAP.

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It's confirmed - tickets are out 🧡

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@shankypanky haha I think 99% is wayyy too confident, any number of things could happen - "once in a century pandemic", our venue catches on fire, etc etc

@Austin ok wow

I'm gonna add "once in a century pandemic" to the prop bets but not arson

@shankypanky Awesome!

I’m not sure this should be enough for resolution, seeing as it could maybe be moved? I’d be interested to hear what traders think.

@NcyRocks stressful 😅

news? is the date confirmed now

@strutheo @saulmunn, who’s organising, bought it up to 83%, so that’s probably pretty accurate

@NcyRocks I'm 100% it will happen in 2024, but I'm less certain about the specific dates which seemed to be pulled out of thin air the first time I heard them. I'll feel more confident when (if?) the website market resolves, even if it doesn't have a specific date listed to start.

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So, 2023 manifest was in Berkeley, not SF. Any particular reason this one might be different?

@YafahEdelman i'm guessing @NcyRocks means the SF area, including berkeley?

@saulmunn Correct. My apologies, @YafahEdelman. This market suggests it'll probably be in the same place: /Conflux/if-manifest-2024-is-in-the-bay-area

@YafahEdelman If you want to sell out your position soon, I'd be happy to cover any loss.

What's the manifest?