Will I make Masters this month, at long last?
resolved Apr 2

I kind of don’t want to care about Manifold leagues, but this is the first time I’ve been in Platinum league and not made a bad bet that demoted me to Gold. Will I finish in the top 3 of my Diamond league and join the Manifold Pantheon?

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It’s not looking good - I’m struggling to even stay in Diamond.

You got a very tough group. But you should try hard, or @jim will beat you, and you wouldn't want that.

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uhh clearly not taking first in your cohort 💀 but I think the promotion zone is attainable - good luck!

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Sorry to bet against you, but it looks like you got sorted into the league of death. Best of luck!

@houstonEuler No, I totally agree! I don’t make markets when I want reassurance, I make them when I want accurate information.

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@NcyRocks Shifting to YES, I think Pessimistic Sphinxes are the actual League of Death, and I'm liking your chances among the Tenacious Ogres.

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@houstonEuler The addition of referral bonuses has made it a lot more difficult...

@NcyRocks this was predictable 🙁