Will Blockbuster make a comeback in 2023?
closes 2024

Context: A number of tech news sites (example) have recently noticed that the official website of Blockbuster Video is live again, featuring a cryptic "We are working on rewinding your movie" message. Speculation in these articles is that this might be signaling a return of the Blockbuster brand sometime in the near future. Will it?

Resolves YES if a new physical store (other than the one extant one) or a digital marketplace is opened under the "Blockbuster" brand, where it is possible to buy, rent, or stream products, before midnight on December 31, 2023. Resolves NO otherwise.

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Fwiw, archive.org seems to indicate the site has been more or less in this state since September 25, 2022. For a while, it had a greenscreened video of somebody looking at old Blockbuster rental racks overlaid on top of the current image.

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