Will the runner-up in the 2024 US Presidential Election accept their defeat by Dec 31, 2024?

If there is an ongoing court case to determine the winner at any time in 2025, it's a no.

Other nos include armed conflict led by the non-conceding candidate, or the party of the non-conceding candidate largely supporting the notion that the election result has no legitimacy. (In 2020, Trump and his diehards rejected the outcome of the election, but the Republican Party accepted it, so applying my criteria to 2020 would've yielded a YES.

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If Trump 2020 settles as "yes" this seems highly likely, I don't see him making a bigger fuss now than he did then (or the party going along with it after a second loss)

Yeah, what counts as accepting defeat? If they claim in public that the election was stolen but there are no court cases or formal investigations, how does that resolve?

@IsaacKing Probably NO?

I'd assume this question is about a formal concession/concession speech.

Needs some clarification as to what "accept their defeat" entails...