Will I graduate spring 2024?
Jun 2

I entered MIT as a Class of 2024, but took one semester off fall '22. Including classes I am taking this semester (fall '23), I have to take 7 classes (+1 PE class) to fulfill my graduation requirements. I am enrolled in 4 (of the seven) classes this term, though I may drop one. If I don't graduate in the spring, I expect to graduate in fall of 2024 instead.

Resolves YES if I graduate in spring of 2024 along with most of the others in class of 2024 (even if I stay for an MEng.) Resolves NO otherwise (including if I graduate later or earlier.)

I will not vote in this market.

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I hope you do, and even if not, still an unbelievable accomplishment

How many classes r u taking this semester?

@CarlGuo 4! tho I may drop 14.01 :')

@Misha I believe in you!

(Also since both of us are at the same school, perhaps we could meet later this or next month if we haven't already...? I'd prefer the weekends but I could also make weekdays after 3pm or so.)

@duck_master we've already connected a few times!