Will I complete another quarter/semester of college before the end of 2026?
closes 2026

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Will I submit my PhD thesis for examination before 1 January 2024?
galen avatarGalen
53% chance
(personal) Will I read 50+ books by the end of 2023? (I'm at 23rd right now)
firstuserhere avatarfirstuserhere
50% chance
Will I, Danny O'Brien, launch a publicly-viewable MVP of Almanack, my long-mooted regular journal by October 31st 2023?
Will I stay up past 3am sometime before 2024?
Conflux avatarConflux
43% chance
Will I stay up past 4am in 2023?
Conflux avatarConflux
35% chance
How many books will I read in 2023?
firstuserhere avatarfirstuserhere
55% chance
Will I pass my driving test by the end of 2023?
optimusprime avataroptimusprime
76% chance
Will I earn at least $100 in 2023?
tigrennatenn avatartigrennatenn
36% chance
Will I complete at least ten sculptures in 2023?
Alice avatarAlice
56% chance
Will I finish reading Probability Theory: The Logic of Science by E. T. Jaynes by the end of 2023?
giojoai avatarToniBrown148
69% chance
Will I have solved every single CSES problem (excluding additional problems) by end of 2023
Will I get a new job by the end of 2023
xander avatarxander
66% chance
Personal: Will I Successfully Write and Publish a Substack Article On Time Every Two Weeks for the Remainder of 2023?
PatrickDelaney avatarPatrick Delaney
52% chance
Will I hire anyone in 2023?
Alana avatarAlana
47% chance
Will I consider my English pronunciation to be good by the end of 2023?
ms avatarMikhail Samin
43% chance
Will I still have my current job by the end of the year?
Wobbles avatarWobbles
61% chance
Will I get 8192 in 2048 during 2023?
Conflux avatarConflux
32% chance
Will I succeed at writing a SpaceChem AI before March 2024?
ThomasKwa avatarThomas Kwa
40% chance
Will I write 10 blog posts in 2023?
uzpg avatarUzay
63% chance
Will I read the Sequences in 2023?
Milli avatarMilli
58% chance
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Garrett Baker

What are your alternatives?

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Maybe Independent alignment research. Maybe working as a researcher/engineer at some AI safety org. Maybe doing something else entirely.