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On Saturday 7/1 I will be purchasing a head of green cabbage from a local grocer. I will leave this cabbage in the refrigerator. I will check on it every so often. If it ever gets to point where it is not something I would eat, I will feed it to my chickens. The market resolves at that point based on conditions of the parameters set forth in question.

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Since some Manifolders doubt the longevity of the cabbage, I have turned it into a question on my survey.

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Hopefully this gets reopened in five years when we find him on a beach in Florida.

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@MartinRandall Prigozhin or the cabbage?

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I've had a nice dinner, the cabbage was good, nothing can be wrong with bacon and butter!!! My house has smells and I am sure the gas will be coming soon! I await the bells toll on the destiny of Prigozhin.

@Mirek Wait wtf you ate the cabbage already? What will you do if the news is a hoax and the cabbage is gone?

@aashiq Smh... Should have had a back up cabbage

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@aashiq If that happens then he has outlasted the cabbage and the market replaces to YES.

That seems pretty objective to me!

@SimonGrayson I agree! Turns out the market has more subtleties in it after all, such as OP's propensity to gobble up the cabbage at the first sign of trouble for Prigozhin.

@Mirek To clarify, is there any cabbage remaining?

@Mirek Did you put it in a plastic bag or something? Because if you just left it in your fridge then I call BS. It wouldn't last for 2 months

@ShadowyZephyr why not? What if he set the temperature to mínus values?

@ShadowyZephyr Prigozhin or the cabbage?

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Этот человек настолько гнилой, что его душа погибнет задолго до того, как эта капуста станет несъедобной. ✈

@AltPutin 1 week ban.

I've warned you before to not post edgy comments in a non-English language which I am unable to moderate.

@DavidChee Seems like discrimination against Russians...

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@DavidChee He said that Prigoshin is so foul that his soul will be gone long before the cabbage will be inedible.

@TatianaSurver Can I speak in Spanish then?

@Sanargama The occasional comment is okay, especially if you want to host Spanish-speaking markets. But if it becomes too frequent or the comments are on the edgier side (google translate can give me a direct translation, but it's impossible to know how bad/what slurs/hate speech is being used) you will first receive a warning and then possibly further action.

@DavidChee Hopefully in the future we will have the capacity to encourage communities speaking lots of languages on Manifold with a built in translate feature! But we aren't there yet.

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@DavidChee That makes sense, especially considering this is an American site.

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@Sanargama No, and you better not even think about it! English only here!

@DavidChee @AltPutin sorry for not unbanning you as fast as I had intended to (thanks for liking the comment to give me a notification lol)

@DavidChee but u better now behave! >:(

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