Who will win the Manifold Book Review Contest?
May 3

I know of a couple Manifolders who are planning to submit to the ACX contest, so I'm making this sub-contest so we can get properly competitive about it.

Resolves to the name of whichever Manifold user submits their name to this contest and gets the highest placement in the 2024 ACX Book Review Contest.

Winner -> Finalists -> High score in screening round

To participate, add your name if you're considering submitting a book review for the 2024 ACX Book Review Contest and want to participate. I've seeded the market with the names of a few people who've expressed an interest in writing a submission.

PLEASE NOTE: You must submit your name at least three days in advance of the submission deadline to participate in the "Manifold" Book Review Contest. THIS MEANS I WILL NOT RESOLVE TO "OTHER." I'll reopen the market after submissions close so we can resume betting, but not reopen answer submissions. So it will be too late at that point for additional Manifold users to participate.

Last year's screening round scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1amWl-Khz3LYlfZp9DUl7b4V0ySg3jOz1/edit#gid=1624610629 (from https://www.astralcodexten.com/p/book-review-contest-2023-winners)

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@JonathanRay Cleared up some ambiguity in the description, in case you were overvaluing "Other" due to lack of clarity.

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