Will air quality in Los Angeles improve by 2037?
Jun 17, 2037
M$21 bet
Air quality in Los Angeles is in the yellow range on the Air Quality Index (AQI) according to PurpleAir.com as of June 2022 (reference 1). From reference 1, it seems to have the lowest air quality in California. In 2020, Gavin Newsom "issued an executive order requiring sales of all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035" (reference 2). This question will resolve to YES if the Los Angeles AQI reduces from yellow (AQI of 51-100) to green (AQI of 0-50) by June 17, 2037, at noon Pacific Time. The question is purely about the AQI, not whether Gavin Newsom's executive order caused the decrease since that is too hard to determine. References: 1. 1-week average for Los Angeles from PurpleAir.com based on the US EPA PM2.5 AQI standard where yellow is AQI of 51-100 (https://map.purpleair.com/1/mAQI/a10080/p604800/cC0?select=96243#9/33.9734/-118.1833) 2. https://www.gov.ca.gov/2020/09/23/governor-newsom-announces-california-will-phase-out-gasoline-powered-cars-drastically-reduce-demand-for-fossil-fuel-in-californias-fight-against-climate-change/