Will I successfully do my internship report in LaTeX ?

I’ve been doing an internship (it’s chemistry, in a research unit, in a firm) since the beginning of April that will last until August. My report will be due in August or in September - due date is not fixed yet.

This market resolves YES if and only if the final version of my report that I will hand over to my chemistry school and to the firm has been obtained by compiling LaTeX code.

Please do note that due to a confidentiality clause, I won’t be able to post my report here. By betting on this market, you implicitly agree to trust me with the resolution and not to create shenanigans.

Feel free to ask questions, I’ll answer them and provide regular updates if asked.

(That’s the same internship as mentioned on this market : )

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I’d like input of how to make a word document kinda look like it was done with LaTeX. I may tip good input. The more it makes the exported pdf look like a LaTeX document, the better. The less time it costs me to implement, the better.

Update : I may not be allowed to write my report using LaTeX, due to some corporate policy makers having a stick up their butt. My direct manager would have no problem with it, but there’s some shit about downloading software or uploading things on the internet which may forbid be both from using overleaf and from downloading software that can compile LaTeX. As if any data could breach this way, I mean even overleaf is 10w safer than the crap we have to save all our documents on. Plus academics use overleaf all the time, never heard about any of them getting fucked because their data leaked before they could publish it an claim the credit for it.

I won't resolve this early and I may change my mind but I think I'm giving up. Fuck this, I'm using MS Word. Corporate policy bullshit written up by some dudes making too many figures and not understanding shit about how the knowledge that ends up making them rich is produced always wins and that's just one more reason I'm not gonna work in the private sector.

Sad, I came to bet YES and had to bet NO… I hope there are many LaTeX reports in your future anyways.

(FWIW, I work at a small company and I do make my reports in LaTeX / TeXShop—but I am the only author / control the whole pipeline that leads to the report.)

@traders another market you may like. Might as well create it before prices blow up and I have to sell a kidney everytime I wan’a maje a market

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Among the people i know, nobody has ever returned from latex back to msword.

I think that makes sense.

But here lots of perturbations could happen. That’d be the first time I make an important document using LaTeX, and my supervisors may want to make corrections to my report and may not be a LaTeX user.

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Betting YES more as staking into the suggestion of "you should" than any expectation

@JureSmolar I’ll try. The likeliest alternative would be microsoft word. Making the report in LaTeX is among my goals. However I’m probably the only person at my workplace (trying) to use LaTeX.

@Mich I would say that LaTeX documents, specifically outside of mathematics where they're the default, enjoy a return of status of a weak signal of significant competency, even adjusting for the relative difficulty of using it compared to MS Word (not to mention the profficiency gain from working out an example).