Will Michelle Obama hold a political office by Feb 1, 2024?
Feb 2, 2024
M$225 bet
Yes if you think 🤔 Michelle will hold a political office (whether elected or appointed). Close date updated to 2024-02-01 11:59 pm

Micah Cohen is betting YES at 17% a month ago

Hi 👋 David, I agree she has disdain for politics. Maybe 🤔 she would be okay to be appointed to a cabinet position if she didn’t need to run for office? I guess we’ll see!!

David Glidden bought M$50 of NOa month ago

👋 good to have. You here Micah! My sense is that she never really enjoyed her husband being in public office and has a bit of disdain for it all. So bidding this down. Also, is the close date on this market correct? You can change it if needed.