Which car manufacturer will sell a SAE level 3 feature next after Daimler?
closes 2026
MaxPayne avatarTesla
marktweise avatarVolvo
MaxPayne avatarGeneral Motors
MaxPayne avatarToyota
MaxPayne avatarBMW
MaxPayne avatarHyundai
MaxPayne avatarNissan
MaxPayne avatarStellantis
MaxPayne avatarFord
MaxPayne avatarVolkswagen

Honda was the first one to sell a real self-driving car but limited to Japan and 100 cars.

Daimler (with its Mercedes and AMG brands) was the first one to do so for many cars and countries.

Who will be next?

Restrictions below certain speeds, certain road types, etc are allowed.

Waymo and other level 4/5 companies do not qualify because they do not "sell" cars.

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