Will the 2025 presidential Inaugural Address in the United States include any of these exact phrases related to AI?

This question will use the transcript of the presidential Inaugural Address given in 2025 as revealed by an official US government website, chosen at my sole discretion. It will resolve to YES if any of the following exact literal character sequences can be found in the speech as spoken by the newly inaugurated president, even if they are part of a compound word, and NO otherwise. The first-letter is not case sensitive (since it may be the start of a sentence) but the other characters are case sensitive.

"artificial intelligence", "AI", "machine learning", "robot", "language model", "GPT-3", "GPT-4", "GPT-5", "ChatGPT", "artificial general intelligence", "Artificial General Intelligence", "AGI", "DeepMind", "superintelligence"

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Note to predictors: I have changed the description slightly today, because I realized a mistake in the way I operationalized the question. I did not mean to exclude cases in which the first letter in the phrase was capitalized. I have also added "Artificial General Intelligence".

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Biden mentioned both COVID and climate change, Obama's second speech mentioned climate change. Obama's first speech and Trump's speech don't seem to include anything comparable. If Biden is elected president I'd expect him to mention AI in some way with >70%

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@Nikola I'd expect the level of attention on AI and AI safety in the next two years to be higher than the level of attention on climate change was when biden was inaugurated