Will Přísaha or Motoristé sobě gain seats in the next Czech parliament?

In the european parliament elections, the right-wing populist coalition of Přísaha (Pledge) and Motoristé sobě (Motorists for Themselves) surprisingly gained over 10% of the vote. Will this be enough to gain seats in the next parliamentary elections in Czechia? A limit for a single party to enter the parliament is 5%, a two-party colation must gain 7%.

Regular elections are scheduled for October 2025 at the latest. Any snap elections that happen earlier will resolve this question. The close date will be updated once the exact election date is announced.

Resolves YES if at least one seat in the new parliament is assigned to a member of either party, regardless of the precise coalition and candidate list setup for the elections. Membership is evaluated on the last day of elections. Former members (or entering the party after the elections) does not count.

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