Will Chevron reach an agreement with the Offshore Alliance to end/prevent industrial actions before September 25, 2023?
resolved Sep 22

Resolution Criteria

This question will resolve as Yes if, before September 25, 2023, credible sources report that Chevron and Offshore Alliance have reached an agreement which either avoids the commencement of industrial actions currently scheduled for September 7th or ends the industrial actions after they have begun.

Fine Print

  • If Chevron and Offshore Alliance reach an agreement to delay the commencement of industrial actions until after September 25, 2023, for any reason, this question will resolve as Yes.

  • A limited end to industrial actions, such as at one of the three Australian Chevron facilities, does not qualify. Only a broad agreement between Offshore Alliance and Chevron that avoids or ends the industrial actions qualifies.

  • An announced agreement that ends or avoids the industrial actions is sufficient to resolve as Yes, a full agreement, such as an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, need not be agreed to or ratified.

On August 28, 2023, Offshore Alliance — an Australian workers union — announced that they had notified the oil company Chevron that the union would be commencing industrial actions beginning on September 7, 2023. Under Australia's Fair Work Act employees may take protected industrial actions, such as strikes, go-slows, or protests, when certain conditions are met.

Offshore Alliance announced that the industrial actions would affect three of Chevron's sites in western Australia: Gorgon, Wheatstone downstream, and Wheatstone platform facilities.

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