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Arizona Senate passes repeal of 1864 abortion ban (nbcnews.com)

The Arizona Senate voted Wednesday to pass a repeal of the near-total ban on abortion from 1864 that was upheld by the battleground state’s Supreme Court last month.

The bill, which the state House approved last week, will soon head to Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs for her signature. Hobbs has said she will sign the repeal bill.

Two state Senate Republicans — Shawnna Bolick and T.J. Shope — joined all 14 Democrats in the narrowly divided chamber in approving a repeal of the Civil War-era law that held the power to send a doctor to prison for providing nearly any kind of abortion care.



The Republican-controlled Arizona House of Representatives once again failed to advance a repeal of the state’s 160-year-old abortion ban Wednesday, days after the state Supreme Court roiled state politics by reviving the law.

The vote is a blow for GOP candidates in competitive races, who have been scrambling to distance themselves from the court’s decision. Republicans facing competitive races in the state, including former President Donald Trump and US Senate candidate Kari Lake, called on the GOP-controlled legislature to work with Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs to take a more moderate path.


The Arizona Supreme Court just banned abortion in the state by reviving a 160 year old law, when the Republican Party has been trying to de-emphasize abortion to prevent Biden from using it as a campaign issue.

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