Will any FTE leave?
closes Jan 1

Will any full time employees (excluding founders) part ways with Manifold before the end of the year? This includes current FTE as well as any new hires made in 2023.

This market is part of Manifold's 2023 Predictions, a group of forecasts about what's in store for Manifold this year. Markets will be resolved by the Manifold core team.

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PipFoweraker avatar
Pip Fowerakerbought Ṁ55 of YES

Not that I want anyone to leave, of course, but it's a little undersold when there's still a quarter left in the year IMO

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Mira avatar
Mira 🍎bought Ṁ0 of NO

@PipFoweraker Left a limit order for you at 40%

ElliotDavies avatar
Elliot Daviesbought Ṁ25 of YES

I'm stunned by how low this is - based on prior experience young smart people move around a lot. I'd be surprised if this hasn't resolved positive by the summer

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RobertCousineau avatar
Robert Cousineaubought Ṁ50 of NO

@ElliotDavies current thoughts?

ian avatar
Ian Philipspredicts NO

I was surprised by how high this market is trading so I made the following: /ian/given-a-fte-employee-leaves-manifol

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MattCWilson avatar
Matt C. Wilsonbought Ṁ10 of NO
BrendanFinan avatar
Brendan Finanpredicts YES

Turnover at startups is pretty high, which I think is the assumption most people are using as a baseline

Boklam avatar

How many FTE's do you have?

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JamesGrugett avatar
Jamespredicts NO

@Boklam Aside from the 3 founders, there are 4 FTE's!