Conditional in the fight between Musk and Zuckerberg happening, will Zuckerberg win?
resolved Feb 1

This market resolves to N/A in January 2024 together with /MP/will-elon-musk-and-mark-zuckerberg . If by then, they announce their fight, this market will postpone its resolution date.

In case of a draw, this market resolves to NO.

I'll use the mainstream media (NYT, CNN, WaPo, The Guardian) to adjudicate who won in case of controversy.

I will bet on this market.

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predicted YES

@MP can i have my meme mana back pls

predicted NO

ok this can resolve N/A now.. lol @MP

predicted YES

I don’t get it @Bayesian isn’t all that trading just going to waste with the N/A result?

predicted YES

@JimAusman yeah but we got to draw funny lines with our profit graphs

predicted NO

@JimAusman If this isn't a cool hat idk what is


@Joshua hahahaha you have a heck of a balance

@Bayesian and finally somewhere to put it!

@Joshua if this goes low marcus will have paper losses and people might bet wrong about his promotion/demotion from leagues 😟

@Bayesian Oh I unranked it already lol

predicted NO

@Joshua whaaaaaaaaaat but it's predicting whether zuck will win!

burkebot is having the time of its life

might as well..?

joshua disagrees

yeah I'm going to bet on the who's 5 inches taller at 4-1 odds.

@ChrisRoth I favor the person who takes the sport seriously.

predicted NO

@HankyUSA then you dont really know the sport you are betting on

predicted YES

@notarealuser I confess I don't know much about MMA or martial arts in general. Is 5 inches height really so much more important than taking the sport seriously? Doesn't that make the sport a really roundabout way to compare people's heights?

Zuck won medals... anyone thinking Elon could beat him is delusional

@DoctorHow Zuck won a local white belt (lowest rank) bjj tournament, which is nice but not particularly impressive. Musk is like 20cm taller and multiple weight classes ahead.

predicted YES

@Robbie He is not 20cm taller

@Soren 16cm to be exact, which is massive in martial arts

Musk's been sparring with Lex. He has a big advantage in size and strength vs Zuck, but a deficit of training, but that gap could be quickly closed by more training (picking the low hanging fruit)

predicted YES

@JonathanRay has he? Haven't we just seen a photo that shows that? Not sure those things are the same at all

predicted YES

@JoshuaWilkes I see the Fridman said they spared for several hours. But he also said that Musk was quick and strong so might have been pumping him up a bit

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