Will the Moscow stock market mostly re-open by the end of 2023?
resolved Sep 15

resolution criteria and definitions of "mostly open", see comments on https://manifold.markets/AndyMartin/will-the-moscow-stock-market-mostly

* artificially propping up the shares won't be counted against the market being considered open

* limits on foreigners making transactions are relevant

* limits on foreigners ultimately transferring money from market sales out of RU won't be counted against

* limits on certain shares from being traded are relevant

* limits on derivatives are relevant

previous market: https://manifold.markets/M/will-the-moscow-stock-market-mostly-19ca525aa16f

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Sorry, on review of what I am doing I decided to shutdown Manifold account. Resolving my markets as NA seems the fairest solution to people active on them.

- I decided to spend my time in a better way and Manifold is one of

things that I decided to eliminate in the ongoing owerview

- Daily bonus was effective, to the point of being scary, intrusive and


- Inability to block and hide unwanted markets/groups makes it

obnoxious to see some markets. Every time I read title of


I die a bit inside and question what I am doing with my life

@Accountdeletionrequested UR ARE PREDICTIN!