Will Noam Chomsky die in the next 30 days? (5/14/24)
resolved May 19

Noam Chomsky is 95 and has not been speaking publicly as of late.

If Chomsky passes away between (inclusive) 4/14/24 and 5/14/24 this will resolve YES. If not It will resolve NO.

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@LukeAlvarez resolves NO

@yehor can you post proof?

@jim I would assume it would have already made headlines. What should be a reasonable timeline for resolution of this market?

@yehor nah I'm just trolling. Should resolve NO and can re-resolve to YES in the unlikely event that he has passed away.

bought Ṁ50 NO

I didn't even know he was sick.

@DonutThrow I don't know if he is or not, I'm just going to keep rolling this bet till it happens. Curios about the expected odds of death each month and how they change over time, their might be a better question format for what I am doing.

@LukeAlvarez going forward I'd rephrase to "will Noam chomsky survive". less morbid for folks, even though it's asking the same question, and I know there's been a push to avoid the ickyness of death markets around here

@Stralor it's not just the ickyness, it's also the incentives.

@BrunoParga True, if I was Noams hospice nurse I would NOT be able to resist this chance to win 1000 mana, Ill keep that in mind going forward.

(Sorry for the edgy comment just thought it was funny lol <3)

@LukeAlvarez I mean, it's Noam fucking Chomsky. There are probably a good deal of middle-aged Cambodian genocide survivors who would do it for free: "deny THIS, motherfucker".

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