Will I walk 5 million steps in 2024

I use a smart watch to count steps. Will I get to 5 million this year? I'm not neutral here, 5 million is my goal and I will take steps (pun intended) to achieve it.

Will post semi regular updates below

Month          | Steps (k) | Cumm steps (k) | Month rate | Cumm rate
January        |           271 |                     271 |          64.1% |     64.1%
February      |           321 |                     592 |         81.0% |     72.3%
March           |         424 |                    1016 |       100.3% |     81.8%

April          |       412 |           1429 |      100.6% |     86.5%

Rate is relative to needed pace to achieve 5m by year's end

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April update (also updated description): still at pace, but barely made a dent in the deficit from early in the year (now at 223k steps)

March update. Crossed the 1 million mark + finally had a month at pace, but still a 226k accumulated deficit from Jan/Feb

Updated for mid-March. So far, this month is at pace, but still a deficit to catch up from Jan/Feb

Feb update @LuisPedroCoelho ?

@diadematus Updated. Better than January (which had a lot of travel), but still below pace

you will need to average a bit over 14K steps/day for the rest of the year to get to 5M (I can math), which would be ~2 hours per day (unless you will be running some of it). Do you know how much you walked last year?

@AlQuinn I do ~6k from commuting alone and most days I get to 9-10k without going out of my way at all (commute + other errands). I do run as well (the frequency of which I would like to increase)

I did almost exactly 4m in 2023 (4,005,510). That includes 3 weeks where I didn't measure (my old watch, which counts steps, broke, and since I was moving, I didn't immediately buy a new one—I would immediately buy a new one this year)

January was well below pace because of travel (both at the start with the summer holidays here in Australia and work travel later in the month)