[Musk fact check] Will the Tesla Robotaxi be unveiled on August 8th 2024?
Aug 8

This question resolves as YES if there is an event executed on August 8th (local time or PST if it is online), whether it be a livestream, in-person event, or any other format (no special requirements). Otherwise, it resolves as NO.

The bait:

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They have overproduced and have massive unsold inventory. Here we go with another Robo-taxi claim to calm the nerves of shareholders that these cars are accounted for with the service. Except for the fact the "robo" in robo-taxi is not yet accounted for. It's like whack-a-mole with this guy and his constant schemes. Be sure to vote NO for incorporating in Texas.

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Uhh, I think I preferred his number jokes when they were 69 or 420…

@DavidFWatson πŸ˜‚

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