Help my house find a new roommate
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EDIT: found someone!

I'm leaving my spot in the Lower Haight and looking for someone to move in starting the first or second week of September.

It's a sunny, spacious front bedroom in a 4BR on the third floor of a Victorian with a bay window, hardwood floors, high ceilings, ornate carvings. The house has a sunroom, balcony, and a sauna (that's nominally shared with the neighbors, but we’re the only ones who actually use it).

Rent is currently $1725 (not including utilities); the lease turns over in September, at which point rent may go up to around $1850, though we're not sure.

There are three male roommates in their mid-to-late 20s - here are Ali's descriptions of them:

- Ali: “philosopher turned tech nonprofit founder“

- Vlad: “former SWE/independent researcher in tools for thought space (and lots of dancing)”

- Kevin: “Tinkerer on fun projects, hardware, software, and probably many others (day job in finance, but doesn't like to be defined by this)”

We're part of Solaris, a community of a few neighboring houses on the same block who hang out together, so it's sort of a cross between coliving and normal apartment living.

I'll award M500 to anyone who puts us in touch with a person who ends up moving in with the intent to stay long-term, and M250 to anyone who puts us in touch with someone who sublets for at least three weeks of September.

(ignore the mess, this one is from when I first moved in, but it gives the best sense of what the full room looks like)

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Recommending @GavrielK for this spot!

Tanzeela was looking for a spot in Helios, but I think we've got someone already.

So I can message you her phone #. I don't know her personally, but she came with strong recommendations from several people!

nominating myself. I also have a bounty in the opposite direction haha