Will Congress pass a new Ukraine aid package by the end of April 2024?
May 1

The package must have >$1 billion in new aid to Ukraine, and the House and Senate must pass the same version of the bill by April 30th to resolve YES. Otherwise, resolves NO.

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Passes in the house.

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@parhizj Hastert rule violation!

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No text of the bill yet House members are scheduled to leave town in 2 days. They are either going to have to bypass their 72 hour rule or stay for a vote on Saturday assuming the text is done today.

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Saturday night vote… text expected today … amendment process is a variable..

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I hope this will resolve more accurately than the March one (not the one linked, the one by Rucker). I should have bet on the one linked here.

@SCM Imo the reasons the March iteration of this market resolved differently from Rucker's is exclusively because of the >$1 billion criteria, which Rucker's didn't not have. If not for that criteria, I would've posted the same appropriations bill and it would've been an even easier yes because this series of markets is explicit that House and Senate passing a bill is what matters.

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