closes Jun 18
Will Balaji spend > 10% of his net worth before June 17, 2023 on hyperinflation hedges?

Balaji seems to think that we're about to hit hyperinflation in the USA in the next 90 days:

His net worth is supposed to be ~1.3 billion, according to some website:

We will use $1.3 billion USD as "Balaji's net worth" for the purpose of this market, regardless of what the actual true value might be.

This market resolves YES, if before June 17, 2023, he takes any series of new actions between now and then that fulfill three requirements:

  • Collectively costs more than 10% of his net worth

  • Credibly signals a belief in imminent hyperinflation. This will be subjective, your job is to present the evidence and convince me.

  • Take place between March 16, 2023 and June 17, 2023, inclusively.

Qualifying examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Buying a survivalist bunker / doomsday hideout

  • Buying a lot of survival gear and guns

  • Buying a lot of gold

  • Buying a lot of crypto assets

  • Moving a bunch of his assets out of the dollar and into something else

  • Obtaining a new foreign citizenship

Balaji's actions don't have to be actually good hedges against hyperinflation, a credible case must simply be made to me that he believes that they will be good hedges against hyperinflation.

It's possible he might do such things in secret and just not announce them. For the avoidance of doubt, I'll resolve this market in the week following June 17th according to whatever information is actually publicly legible.

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