Will the next permanent CEO of OpenAI reach out to Eliezer Yudkowsky within their first 100 days?
Mar 9

If it's unclear, @EliezerYudkowsky will be the final arbiter on whether a certain action counts as "reaching out." If it's unclear and Eliezer does not help clarify, this will resolve N/A.

The person who is considered the "next permanent CEO" will be determined by this market's resolution. If the market resolves to "none - position will cease to exist" then this market will resolve to N/A.

UPDATE: The next permanent CEO is almost certainly going to be Sam Altman, but the 100 days will not commence until the market settles.

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@EliezerYudkowsky can you provide a confirmation, one way or the other? Otherwise, I will resolve this N/A.

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I feel like 10:1 is underrating the messaging win of being able to explicitly point to this specific metric as being an example of how <new leadership> will do things different from <old leadership>, regardless of whether it actually signals any underlying interest in safety/what some fanfic author thinks

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the current favorite:

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