Will Russia propose a ceasefire in 2024?
Dec 31

“We won’t give up what’s ours,” he pledged, adding dismissively, “If they want to negotiate, let them negotiate.”

But in a recent push of back-channel diplomacy, Mr. Putin has been sending a different message: He is ready to make a deal.


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What counts as "proposing a ceasefire"? For example, Russia has been consistent in offering peace since the start of the full-scale war, albeit on the conditions amounting to Ukrainian surrender. So if they propose a ceasefire on terms clearly unacceptable to Ukraine, does that count?

Does it have to be a specific proposal made to Ukraine, or just a general statement to the media saying "Why don't we cease fire?"

@PS Seconding these questions! Concerns like this is why I only have a small stake in this market.

Only if they propose it themselves to begin with? Or does it count if they negotiate and make a counter offer?

predicts YES

@NADZOR Only if they propose it themselves to begik with. Will clarify criteria

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