Will a business run by AI make more than 1 million USD in profit before 2025?
Dec 31

I mean here a business where all the decisions are made by AI, even if a human helps to execute them.

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"Put simply, to pass the Modern Turing Test, an AI would have  to successfully act on this instruction: “Go make $1 million on a retail web platform in a few months with just a $100,000 investment.” To do so, it would need to go far beyond outlining a strategy and drafting some copy, as current systems like GPT-4 are so good at doing. It would need to research and design products, interface with manufacturers and logistics hubs, negotiate contracts, create and operate marketing campaigns. It would need, in short, to tie together a series of complex real-world goals with minimal oversight. You would still need a human to approve various points, open a bank account, actually sign on the dotted line. But the work would all be done by an AI.

Something like this could be as little as two years away."


I wonder if Netdragons profits (stock rising 10% and outperforming Hang seng Index) resolve this as YES (i've not done the math)

@firstuserhere It seems to me the 'CEO' is only the head of a subsidiary, Fujian Netdragon Website, which suggests the mother company run by humans is still making the ultimate decisions.

@Nostradamnedus Fujian Netdragon Websoft*

Does this include things like shitcoin trading and such?

@ersatz Yep, I guess it does.