Will James "demote everyone but the top 10 in masters next season, and only promote the top 1 from each diamond league?"
May 2

If this market doesn't resolve Yes or No. I will make a poll, "Did James do something to leagues?" then YOU, the community, will vote honestly on if you think James did something or not without taking into consideration your position on this market.

Resolves Yes if this happens

Resolves 50% if @JamesGrugett does something with leagues but not this

Resolves No if this doesn't happen

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@traders Poll is up. 17 instead of 21 spots stay in Masters at the end of the league. If you feel like this was something go vote Yes.

@KeenenW James didn't do this. would it still resolve YES if he did it in the month after the one he was referring to? I'm asking bc the market's close date is at the start of May

@Bayesian Nope this was about April. Think the only thing they changed was how many stay in masters league. I made a poll so you and others can decide if that is "something" or not. If you guys decide it is this will resolve 50% if you guys decide it isn't this resolves no.

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How small is 'something' for 50%? They routinely change the number of promotions/demotions/etc.

If this doesn't resolve yes or no I will make a poll called, "Did James do something to leagues?" Explain the changes and let the community decide if something was done or not. If nothing is changed except number of promotions/demotions the community will decide if that is something or not. I'll add that to the description.

bought Ṁ10 YES

Why is this so low?

@Lion lol idk seems unlikely, "I think I might" is not strong language

@Bayesian Feedback so far appears to be shockingly positive and the description says "Resolves 50% if [...] [James] does something with leagues but not this" which seems to me close to 100%, since there are so many league changes anyways.

@Lion lol yeah I hadn't read that part