Apr 16
Chicago Blackhawks beat Carolina Hurricanes 5pm
Calgary Flames beat Arizona Coyotes 7pm

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  • Times are CST

  • Mods may resolve games asap

  • Each game is resolved independent of the others.

  • Resolves YES or NO .

  • Hockey games don't tie. Shootout is to the death.

Spring Training is over. Finishing out the NHL season on this market since several of you were from my NHL markets previously. Hope you don't mind.

Major League Baseball (MLB) ⚾Regular Season Matches - Starts March 28

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Dallas Stars beat Winnipeg Jets Apr 11
bought Ṁ90 Dallas Stars beat Wi... NO
New York Islanders beat Montreal Canadiens Apr 11
bought Ṁ50 New York Islanders b... YES
Toronto Maple Leafs beat New Jersey Devils Apr 11
bought Ṁ1 Toronto Maple Leafs ... NO

F hockey lulz

Toronto Maple Leafs beat Pittsburgh Penguins 6pm
bought Ṁ5,800 Toronto Maple Leafs ... YES
Boston Bruins beat Florida Panthers 2:30pm
bought Ṁ900 Boston Bruins beat F... YES
Minnesota Wild beat Winnipeg Jets 3pm
bought Ṁ230 Minnesota Wild beat ... NO
Pittsburgh Penguins beat Tampa Bay Lightning 12pm
bought Ṁ40 Pittsburgh Penguins ... YES
filled a Ṁ100 Minnesota Twins beat... NO at 38% order

@mattyb this was supposed to be 1M lol

LG Twins beat San Diego Padres 10pm

LG Twins?

opened a Ṁ1 Arizona Diamondbacks... NO at 41% order

@KeenenWatts can’t believe i’m saying this, i was looking at the wrong twins. thanks

@mattyb haha! np

San Diego Padres beat Arizona Diamondbacks 3pm
sold Ṁ0 San Diego Padres bea... YES

ah yea, i just lost 1M remembering that spring training doesn’t have extra innings. womp womp

@mattyb yeah got me too when I first made the market... And split team games when the exact same two teams play on the same day.

Los Angeles Dodgers beat San Francisco Giants 3pm
opened a Ṁ1 Los Angeles Dodgers ... YES at 95% order

a rowdy “fuck the giants” from SF

bought Ṁ20 Cincinnati Reds beat... YES

whoops I didn't realize there were two different orioles v jays games

@Qoiuoiuoiu there goes M100 lol

@Qoiuoiuoiu Sorry about that. MLB doees split team games sometimes during spring training. I'll label the games more clearly to try and prevent this in the future.