Who will win the final series of the 2024 NHL playoffs?
Jun 25
Game one - Panthers win
Game two - Panthers win
Game three - Panthers win
Florida Panthers
Edmonton Oilers

Closes based on who wins the playoff final series and take home the Stanely Cup.

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Fun fact:

Little ironic that the only team that has done this was the leafs...

bought Ṁ200 Edmonton Oilers NO

Way to literally hand the Panthers the cup.....

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

note that the true probabilities need to add up to 100 (unless im critically misunderstanding something about, uh, whatever sport this is), and since this question doesnt have the feature that adjusts probabilities so they add up to 100, someone with more motivation (and mana) than me could get some mana from optimizing that.

@Interrobang There isn't a "feature" it's based on market type. This is an Unlinked Multichoice. It's basically two different questions that aren't linked. It's also fine the probabilities add up to more than 100%. This is an "overround" and reflects the market's spread or margin. It doesn't mean that the probabilities are incorrect. It can reflect participants differing opinions and which team they are more interested in betting on. This allows for arbitrage opportunities, where traders can optimize their positions based on their knowledge and events as they happen.

why would you-